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DistantLink Mobile Video Conferencing and Telecommunications

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Overview of Concept:

DistantLink is the ONLY company in the world that offers Video Conferencing to the Funeral Industry – live face to face interaction in real time that up to 100 can attend at the same time. By invitation only and password protected, we make travel unnecessary, so anyone can attend despite where they are in the world, or economic circumstance. So simple that anyone can use it easily! Interface can be viewed in 10 different languages, including French, Spanish, Japanese, and German.

We offer a NEW suite of services that are unmatched in the funeral industry!

EasyStream – EasyStream is a full-featured cutting edge video casting service that eliminates the need for a PC or laptop.


play_btn  Click Here to see why we call it “EasyStream”

This unit is Exclusive to DistantLink, and is the ultimate in cutting edge technology – the funeral homes love it, because they don’t need a computer, nor do they have to allocate a staff member to operate it. Simple 1 button operation makes even the most technophobic funeral director feel at ease when operating it!

We are currently in talks with 2 of the largest Funeral Home Chains in North America that account for over 2,400 funeral homes to have these units installed in their member homes. One is scheduled to start October 2014, and one in January of 2015. Our goal is to exceed 80% market share over the next 2 years! So far, 100% of Funeral Homes that we have approached want this unit! This is a VERY exciting time for DistantLink – every member funeral home that is within the Master Dealers territory is their client, and the monthly fee goes to them, creating a very nice monthly residual income! *UPDATE* As of Dec 10th, 2015 – The second largest company in North America has signed  a contract with us, and the largest is in testing phase, and has committed to using us for all their over 2,000 funeral homes! This will make us the largest company doing this for Funerals in the world!

*NEW DEVELOPMENTS* We are currently starting work on an “UBER tm” style app that will allow anybody to order live streaming for any event using a simple app on their smart phone or computer! This opens up a huge revenue stream for Master Dealers!

EasyPresence – EasyPresence allows family and friends to join in the ceremony, from wherever they are, via Live Video Conferencing.


Watch the Webinar! Click Here!

EasyMobile – EasyMobile allows Funeral Homes to include all elements of the ceremony remotely, or even graveside, with only an iPhone or iPad!


DistantLink also serves Weddings, Special Events, Family Gatherings, Business Meetings, Educational Institutions, Medical Industry and Private Chat Rooms. The applications are endless!

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EasyStream Cost Comparison paper


SPECIAL – For the very next sale, The first candidate who signs a letter of intent on ONE of the below listed Territories, they can choose THREE more free of charge! This will be the last US territory sale, as we will sell no more after this. We are about to release a new solution that will turn the Funeral Industry on its head! (Watch The Webinar explaining how!) We are about to change how Funeral Streaming is done in the industry, and make it so the even the smallest of homes can easily afford to use our service. This is your last chance get in on the ground floor of something HUGE! Please contact us for more information!


US States Still Available:

Alaska – 34 Funeral Homes in State

Arkansas – 471 Funeral Homes in State

Idaho – 150 Funeral Homes in State

Iowa – 737 Funeral Homes in State

Kansas – 493 Funeral Homes in State

Kentucky – 715 Funeral Homes in State

Maine – 211 Funeral Homes in State

Minnesota – 645 Funeral Homes in State

Mississippi – 567 Funeral Homes in State

Montana – 137 Funeral Homes in State

Nebraska – 356 Funeral Homes in State

New Hampshire – 155 Funeral Homes in State

New Mexico – 82 Funeral Homes in State

North Dakota – 142 Funeral Homes in State

Oklahoma – 610 Funeral Homes in State

Rhode Island – 149 Funeral Homes in State

South Carolina – 668 Funeral Homes in State

South Dakota – 165 Funeral Homes in State

Vermont – 100 Funeral Homes in State

West Virginia – 416 Funeral Homes in State

Wyoming – 71 Funeral Homes in State

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Basic Franchise Info

Average Investment: $59900

Minimum Investment: $59900

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Min. Liquidity: 59900

Years in Business: 2009

Open Units: 12

In-House Financing: Yes

Lead Assist: Yes

Coaching: Yes

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